Band also predict LCD Soundsystem will reform
Andrew Trendell
13:29 18th October 2013

Arcade Fire has spoken out about their recent collaboration with David Bowie on Reflektor, saying that it 'echoes' the work he did with John Lennon before his death. 

Bowie lends guest vocals to the title track from Arcade Fire's upcoming album. In a new interview with The Sun, frontman Win Butler reveals that it was recorded in the same mood and venue as where the The Thin White Duke made 'Fame' with John Lennon. 

"It's like meeting a mentor, someone who has navigated pop and experimental stuff. There are very few role models you can point to who have success like that," said Butler - talking about working with The Next Day icon. "Many artists get lost chasing success and end up killing what brought them success in the first place."

He continued: "What was cool was that we were mixing at Electric Lady studios in New York. The line he does on 'Reflektor' echoes the line he does on 'Fame', the song he recorded in the very same studio with John Lennon. So he showed up and said, 'The last time I was here I was recording with John Lennon.' And we looked at each other to say, 'And here you are recording with Arcade Fire.'

 Watch the video for 'Reflektor' featuring David Bowie below

The album was co-produced by DFA founder and former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy. Speaking of his love for the band, Arcade Fire member Richard Parry also predicted that LCD would reform in the future.

"We have tried to work with Murphy before but we could never match our diaries," said Parry . "But this time the schedules worked. LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire have toured together lots of times. We have always admired each other's band – LCD are our favourite band ever. I'd be shocked if James doesn't reform them one day. They are too good not to."

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