Coldplay star speaks of Oasis inspiration
Michael Baggs

11:53 16th October 2013

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Coldplay star Chris Martin has spoken of his love for Oasis, and their 1995 album What's The Story (Morning Glory), citing the Manchester band's second album as inspiration for his ongoing career.

In a post on Coldplay's official Facebook page, the 'Atlas' star shared a link to Oasis' iconic track, 'Cast No Shadow', saying listening to the Gallagher brothers' music puts his own career in perspective.

"If I ever get too full of myself, I just listen to What's The Story and realise I've still got a way to go," Martin wrote on Facebook.

Chris Martin has spoken of his liking of Oasis previously, and is known to be a fan of the band - as well as the likes of Muse, Arcade Fire, Take That and Girls Aloud.

Listen to Oasis' 'Cast No Shadow' below

Coldplay recently released new single 'Atlas', taken from the upcoming Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire. The song will be be honoured at this year's Hollywood Film Awards, where the band will collect the Hollywood Song Award for their work on the soundtrack.

Last month marked 18 years since Oasis first released (What's The Story) Morning Glory

Below: 18 Oasis quotes about (What's The Story) Morning Glory

  • On the title track - Noel: "Every time we play it, it's brilliant. When he (Liam) sings the first line, you know you're at a fucking gig then. That's why we play it early on. You know it's fucking going to kick off here now."

  • They were on loads of drugs at the time - Noel: "Nobody at the record company had any say in what we'd done. Usually they'd say 'there'll be none of this shit about drugs because now you're working for the fucking man', but we didn't give a shit. We were just documenting where we were at, and we were doing shit loads of drugs at the time, and that was shocking."

  • On 'Don't Look Back In Anger' - Noel: "That was a good fucking moment when we recorded that in the studio. I remember thinking 'fucking hell, this is going to be brilliant'. That was written in a hotel room in Paris when we were just on our way to Sheffield to play our first ever arena gig in 93 or 94. I was doing it in the soundcheck and I wasn't singing the 'so Sally' bit, and he (Liam) comes up to me and said 'are you singing So Sally can wait' and I said 'no' and he said 'well you should do'."

  • On 'Wonderwall' - Liam has frequently said that he would have left the track off the album, with Noel agreeing, but adding: "I've heard Ryan Adams version though, and I think it's fucking brilliant."

  • On 'Hello' - Noel: “It’s one of the three songs on the album that’s not about anything. I spend as much time on the lyrics as I do on the music. I’d like our kid to spend more time on them but he spends no time at all. Obviously, everyone is going on about the Gary Glitter thing, but I just had that in for a laugh.”

  • On the battle with Blur - The album's single 'Roll With It' famously led to 'The Battle Of Britpop' against Blur's 'Country House' in the race to be UK No.1 single. Liam best summed up his feelings when he said: ""We said it from Day One, we were the ones who were real, man. We're just honest, man, and we're not a bunch of women."

  • Noel On the Morning Glory battle with Blur: "We had no problem with them, right until the point when they started pissing about moving singles backwards and forwards. Then they started booking gigs in the same towns as us when we went on tour, then they were going to project 'No.1' onto the wall of our venue from across the road. We pulled the gig and they said they were going to do the same...but they didn't. They played that night and were basically gloating about the fact, so that was it then. So we said 'right, we'll see who ends up in hospital first with a fucking nervous breakdown you fucking ponce."

  • On following Definitely Maybe - In the now legendary Live Forever documentary about the rise and fall of Britpop, Noel said: "I personally think that Definitely Maybe is a far better album - and for the life of me I can't understand why in this country, that when people go and buy Morning Glory then don't Definitely Maybe and I'd just like to say 'where do you fucking get off on that?' What's that all about? Do you just do it to piss me off? People are fucking weird"

  • On channelling the spirit of the album - Liam is such a fan of the album's sound that when discussing Beady Eye's second album BE, he said: "This is the record Oasis should have made after '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?'. I'm not saying it's better than 'Be Here Now' or it's going to be this or that - I love 'Be Here Now', I won't have a bad word said about it but when you're selling 20 million records, you've got people there going, 'Oh let's just chuck out that formula again'. So I'm a bit disappointed we didn't ever do it."

  • On the album's success - Noel: "I wish we’d let ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’ settle and go away. It was still Number 5 in the Billboard 100 when we started making ‘Be Here Now’. I wish someone who’s paid to be bright and clever had told us to go away and do a bit of living."

  • On their 'mission' at the time - Liam: "We're both on a musical quest now. It's gotta be done right. And sometimes I think it's gotta be done this way and sometimes he thinks it's gotta be done another way. So therefore we get in arguments."

  • On being Definitely Maybe's 'big brother': Just before release, Noel described the album as: "Half of it is sat in a hammock smoking a massive spliff and the other half is walking round the streets of England with a petrol bomb in its hand."

  • On mood swings - Noel: "When I'm drunk I get maudlin, which is where you get 'Don't Look Back In Anger', or 'Wonderwall'. "But when I'm out of it on drugs I get a seriously cocky bastard. Champagne Supernova - for Christ's sake, how big is that title? It's like I'm saying, 'I am Mr Noel Gallagher. Do you know who I am? I am the greatest.' I'm like Muhammad Ali. When I'm straight you get Roll With It - little pop ditties. Understand?"

  • On life at the time - Liam: "I have me bad days, but that's life innit? I had good days when I was on the dole and I had bad days when I was on the dole. I have great days being here and I have bad days being here. As long as I know there's a gig coming up, I'm Sweet As. That's what it's about, you know."

  • On 'Wonderwall' - Liam: "A wonderwall can be anything. It's just a beautiful word. It's like looking for that bus ticket, and you're trying to fucking find it, that bastard, and you finally find it and you pull it out, 'Fucking mega, that is me wonderwall.'"

  • On the meaning of Morning Glory's songs - Liam: "There's shitloads of meaning in the songs. I don't know what they mean, but there's still meaning there. They mean things, but I just don't exactly know what."

  • On 'She's Electric' - Noel: "It was the first song I wrote for the album. Someone asked me if it was about Blur but it’s not. It’s like a Small Faces song or something by The Kinks."

  • On whether Morning Glory made Oasis bigger than Jesus - Noel: "It is fair to say that Oasis are taller than Jesus Christ."

  • 2 October: Today marks 20 years since Oasis released (What's The Story) Morning Glory. Their second album propelled the Gallaghers and co from being mouthy indie heroes to mouthy stadium-filling rock n' roll giants - and the biggest British band on the planet. Here are 18 quotes about the album and all the chaos that surrounded that.

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