Star also attacks 'crass' music video
Andrew Trendell
08:11 16th October 2013

Charlotte Church has hit out at 'Blurred Lines' star Robin Thicke, slamming him as a 'mediocre artist' and damning the controversial music video as 'crass'.

Speaking to an audience of radio executives in her BBC 6 Music John Peel Lecture, the operatic turned pop star slammed Thicke and the misogyny of his worldwide smash hit.

"And so to 'Blurred Lines', which many in this room have no doubt added to their playlists," she said. "The Blurred Lines video, which had the biggest part in jettisoning a song by a mediocre artist into the biggest track of the year, was on YouTube for just under a week before it was taken down and remains on Vimeo without any age restrictions."

Church continued: "It is highly disappointing to note that the director of this crass and misogynistic video is a woman, Diane Martel, who also captured Miley Cyrus' twerking for the first time in the video for 'We Can't Stop' and is responsible for an objectionable little number by Leah LaBelle called, of all things, LOLITA."

See Charlotte Church's 'Call My Name' video below

Church scored a string of chart hits in 2005 - 2006, but quickly retired from the pop world to pursue an alternative sound, far from the glossy pop of her debut smash, 'Crazy Chick'. In the same speech, she also spoke out about the pressure placed on young female stars, drawing from her own experiences.

"When I was 19 or 20 I found myself in this position, being pressurised into wearing more and more revealing outfits," she said during her speech. "The lines that I had spun at me again and again - generally by middle-aged men - were: 'You look great, you've got a great body, why not show it off?'

"Or: 'Don't worry, it will look classy, it will look artistic.' I felt deeply uncomfortable about the whole thing, but I was often reminded by record label executives just whose money was being spent."

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