Local press slams superstar's 'below par' show
Esin Huseyin
09:57 15th October 2013

Rihanna made front page of The Star Johannesburg newspaper on Monday morning, being blasted a "Ri-Ri-Rip-off!"after concert-goers complained that she brought low energy, lip-synching, and lack of costume change to the stage during her show.

She performed a sold out concert, on Sunday, at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg - being the youngest star to ever do so.

The Star Johannesburg newspaper went on to label her performance as "below-par" and that she "lacked vitality".

Sharon Seretlo, a staff photographer, who attended the concert also said that "it was obvious...I could see it."

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It wasn't just the performance that had the fans in uproar, with ticket prices also coming under fire. Fans such as Nicole Contini, did feel the price was too steep, "considering the level of performance."

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