Star sings: 'Love me love me, please retweet'
Michael Baggs
09:43 15th October 2013

Lady Gaga has revealed more music from her upcoming ARTPOP album, sharing a 12-second extract from new track, 'Guy'. Listen below.

Following the abrasive sounds of previously revealed tracks 'Applause' and 'Aura', 'Guy' is a relatively subtle electropop number with less of a club sound.

The track mixes references to social media among pleas to a potential suitor, as she sing: "Love me love me, please retweet / let me be the girl under you that makes you cry,/ I wanna be that guy."

Listen to the 'Guy' extract below

Lady Gaga also shared lyrics to another new track, 'Dope' on her Instagram account. see the image below. ARTPOP is released 11 November, 2013.


Below: Lady Gaga ARTPOP - every step from announcement to November release

  • August, 2012: Announces ARTPOP - with a tattoo in her armpit. Just as well she didn't change her mind halfway through recording...

  • August 2012: Lady Gaga reveals the first, 'inspirational' lyrics from ARTPOP - although it is still unknown which, if any, track they appear on

  • August 2012: Rumours circulate that the first single will be titled 'Nothing On (But The Radio)' - with Lindsay Lohan starring in the video

  • August 2012: Lady Gaga reveals she has been recording ARTPOP stark naked (which must have been nice for the likes of producers Madeon and RedOne)

  • September 2012: Azealia Banks announces her involvement in ARTPOP - but this later fell apart as the rapper was removed from the track and Banks took to Twitter to tear into Gaga over and over again...

  • September 2012: Lady Gaga reveals ARTPOP will be released through an app

  • October 2012: Rumours suggest ARTPOP will be an Edith Piaf tribute album - which now seems to absolutely not be the case...

  • December 2012: Lady Gaga reveals she has stopped smoking weed while recording ARTPOP - but claims it will still be a 'risky' record

  • January 2013: Producer Zedd confirms his work on ARTPOP, hinting at a big dance sound

  • February 2013: Lady Gaga reveals lyrics for track 'Sex Dreams' on ARTPOP, writing on Twitter - "We could be caught, were both convicted criminals of thought. -Sex Dreams #ARTPOP"

  • March 2013: Gaga's manager praises the album, claims it is 'pushing the envelope'

  • May 2013: The first music from ARTPOP is revealed - on the runway at a Versace fashion show

  • July 2013: The release of ARTPOP is officially announced - and Lady Gaga is seen wearing an enormous pair of glasses

  • July 2013: Lady Gaga licks a metal hand - for reasons still, as yet, unknown

  • July 2013: Lady Gaga reveals first ARTPOP promo photo - totally naked

  • July 2013: Lady Gaga reveals her clown-like cover art for 'Applause'

  • August 2013: Lady Gaga asks fans avoid leaked track, 'Burqa' from ARTPOP

  • August 2013: We are told that listening to ARTPOP on computer speakers is 'not acceptable'

  • August 2013: Lady Gaga rush-releases 'Applause' due to a 'pop emergency' (which may actually have been the fact everyone was getting excited about Katy Perry's comeback)

  • August 2013: Lady Gaga confirms that ARTPOP will include a sequel to Telephone - but not whether Beyonce will be involved...

  • August 2012: Rumours that Eminem will appear on ARTPOP, on a track titled 'Street Lights' are denied by the rapper's team

  • August 2013: Lady Gaga confirms second single from ARTPOP will be titled 'Gypsy'

  • August 2013: Lady Gaga reveals live versions of new ARTPOP tracks 'Swine', 'Manicure' and 'Sex Dreams' ahead of London iTunes Festival gig

  • September 2013: Lady Gaga confirms she is in 'the final days' of finishing her ARTPOP album

  • September 2013: Lady Gaga denies Rihanna is on the album, but admits it is a 'good rumour'

  • Septebmer 2013: Fans claim Gaga looks like a 'deflated sumo' in bizarre new promotional photo

  • October 2013: Lady Gaga announces the official ARTPOP launch party will take place in Berlin club Berghain, which is known for its liberal attitude to sex on the dancefloor...

  • October 2013: Lady Gaga reveals ARTPOP album artwork - on which she is stark naked

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