Of her life before prison...
Lowri Williams

11:21 13th September 2005

Lil Kim

Convicted rapper Lil’ Kim will be making a reality TV show to chronicle her time on the outside leading up to her prison sentence on September 19.

The TV show is aiming to document Kim’s thoughts and feelings in an open way that will help keep the rappers spirits up.

Kim’s lawyer L Londell McMillan said to Pagesix.com: "This is a very important time for Kim.”

"We want to have documented evidence of Kim, and we're using humour and a lot of prayer to get through these tough times."

Kim was sentenced to one year and one day and fined $50,000 after being convicted of conspiracy and federal perjury charges.

The jail sentence stems from a shooting that took place outside the offices of Radio station Hot 97 in 2001.

Things ain’t going well for Kim, back in July she was refused admittance into her own 30th birthday party after she turned up with more minders then the venue would allow!!!

More recently she caused a scene on a plane when she asked a flight attendant “Do You Know Who I Am?” and was promptly slated in the press.

The worst of her problems though (other then the jail sentence) is that she will be unavailable to promote her new album ‘The Naked Truth’, released on September 27, due to a prior engagement.

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