Show was filmed at Olympic Stadium in Rome
Andrew Trendell
10:48 8th October 2013

Details of Muse's forthcoming concert film have been revealed - and has been given a cinematic release for November.

Last month, frontman Matt Bellamy claimed that the band's film of their Rome Olympic Stadium will be 'four times more powerful than HD' and revealed they will share the new film in theatres across the globe.

Bellamy told Billboard: "We filmed it with 4K cameras. It’s four times more high definition than HD. It will be the first concert film ever released in that level of high definition. We are going to go to a bunch of theatres around the world so people can see it in this ultra high definition called 4K. Unfortunately the DVD can’t do that but in terms of theatres it will be the highest definition concert ever filmed."

Now, Showcase Cinemas report that the film will be in movie theatres from 7 November, 2013. It is also expected to be shown at some IMAX cinemas. 

 Watch fan footage of Muse performing 'Supremacy' at the Olympic Stadium in Rome below

The rock trio were also quizzed on their plans for 2014 and although they only expect to appear at a couple of festivals, fans can rest assured that they will be working hard on new material.

Bellamy continued: "At the moment I’ve got lots of vague ideas, but writing on the road always tends to sound like what you’re touring at that point so I try to wait until we’re away from that.

There might be one or two special festivals. Maybe one in America and just one in Europe. The idea is to make an album next year."

Last week marked the 10th anniversary of Muse releasing their seminal third album, Absolution.

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