Frontman discusses need for role models
Tamsyn Wilce

10:54 17th September 2013

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Frontman of The Feeling, Dan Gillespie-Sells has revealed his frustration at gay stars who have admitted their sexuality, but refuse to discuss matters further.

The singer, who returns with new album Boy Cried Wolf, claims that the refusal of out gay stars to speak openly about their sexuality makes them seem 'ashamed' of who they are. Sells has worked closely with LGBT society the Albert Kennedy Trust for a number of years, and spoke to Gigwise about the need for gay spokespeople in music and beyond.

"Oh god if anyone comes out I’m like “good for you!” Sells told Gigwise. "I get a little frustrated with the people that half come out, the people who are like 'I don’t want to talk about it, I wanna keep it real."

"Everyone knows you’re gay; you just look ashamed, just shut up and say it! It really pisses me off, not because I feel like everyone has to bare their soul all the time, people don’t have to know all the private details of their lives, but it’s nothing to be fucking ashamed of, so why act ashamed?! It drives me crazy."

Explaining that he grew up in a LGBT family (with two mums), he says that 'coming out' for him was an easy and natural thing to do and he likes that it's not seen as a negative part of his life by the media.

He adds, "I don’t really get to do much press around gay stuff, because I came out when I was a teenager, I’ve always been out y’know? I’ve never been in and as far as the press is concerned I’ve always just been that gay bloke in that band. There’s no big story, there’s no big scoop or big scandal, no negativeness. That’s the way I like it."

Watch the video for The Feeling's new single 'Rescue' below: 

Having supported the charity Albert Kennedy Trust for many years, he told Gigwise about the issues that LGBT people suffer with and how the charity can help, stating that, "I think young people think a lot about their identity, particularly as they’re going through adolescence. There’s a lot of questions about “who am I going to be?” If we can give people options and let people be themselves, then they’ll find the answers themselves."

He admitted that he thinks role models aren't necessarily the best thing for young people, "They just need to be themselves and work out a way of being whatever person they're going to be when they grow up."

The Feeling release new album Boy Cried Wolf, which features the single 'Rescue' on October 7th and will be touring the album towards the end of October. Full interview with Dan Gillespie-Sells about The Feeling's return and new album coming soon.

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