Rapper claims new single is 'tacky'
michael baggs
14:39 16th September 2013


Rapper Mykki Blanco has slammed Britney Spears' new single 'Work Bitch' as 'tacky', accusing the star and her producers of exploiting gay fans with her music.

Spears rush-released 'Work Bitch' on the weekend after the track leaked online. The song is a heavily produced EDM number which makes her Will.i.am collaboration 'Scream & Shout' seem subtle by comparison. It has been met with widely positive reaction online, but Blanco has attacked the song and the star for attempting to rinse fans for their cash with her music.

"Is it just me or is EVERY female pop star currently in a war to secure as many gay fans and gay $ as possible?" He wrote on Twitter after hearing the track. "This shit is tacky."

He added: "Work bitch? Lol... This is not 'gay pride its gay marketing' designed to keep u fags on ecstasy blasting garbage music till 6am.

"Forgive me father for I can't handle the corny."

Blanco also revealed that the 'gay marketing' had not worked on him, saying: "I'm not a bitch, i'm just not an idiot."

Listen to 'Work Bitch' below

Spears will begin her Las Vegas residency in December 2013. The performer will reportedly earn $310,000 per gig..