Singer inspired to keep making his own music
gigwise intern
09:11 16th September 2013


Music icon, Elton John, has admitted that Bob Dylan's last album Modern Times, which was released back in 2006, has a strong influence in his work in recent years.

Elton's latest efforts are unveiled in The Diving Board, released today (16th September), which is his first album since 2006. He admitted that his latest offerings have taken him down different paths of working and recording, stating that many of the tracks are first takes.

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Speaking of Bob Dylan's Modern Times, Elton stated that, "if someone of Dylan's great output could come across and make an album like that at his age, which was for me so timeless and sounded so brilliant. I thought, 'well, if I'm going to make a record again, I've got to make it sort of sounding like that, because that's how I like my records to sound.' "

Elton John recently performed headline slots at Bestival and iTunes Festival despite concerns over his health after having his appendix removed. 

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