'Blurred Lines' star speaks out on 'twerk' debacle
Andrew Trendell
08:56 16th September 2013


Robin Thicke has finally spoken out about his controversial performance with Miley Cyrus at last month's MTV VMA awards show - claiming that the pair full intended to shock audiences with their raunchy act.

Speaking to Star Magazine, Thicke revealed that the influx of controversy and complaints was all partof their plan for the show.

“We knew what we were getting ourselves into,” said Thicke. “We’re entertainers, and the VMAs is the perfect place for a little shock and awe. Yeah, we kind of knew when we were in rehearsal and we were like, ‘OK, if you touch me with your foam finger all over my crotch, obviously a few people are going to have something to say about this.’"

He continued: "But that was the whole point. I mean the whole point was to excite and provoke and entertain.”

Watch Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke's controversial VMA 2013 performance below

In discussing Cyrus' overtly sexual and shocking 'twerking' on stage was supposed to be light-hearted and all part of the fun.

“I totally understand everyone comes from different places and has their own opinions, but when people use the word sexual, I didn’t feel anything sexual about the performance,” continued Thicke. “I thought it was silly and funny, she was being humorous and naughty, but it wasn’t sexually charged at all. That’s who she is, that’s how she likes to dance, she was just being herself and I was just being myself.”

This weekend, it was revealed that the FCC have received 161 complaints from viewers surrounding the duo's performance.To put those complaints in context, Beyonce’s Superbowl performance recieved 48 complaints and was seen by a much wider audience.

“VMA awards and Milye [sic] Cyrus: Need I say more?” one complainant wrote.

“She was crude, pornographic, and absolutely shameful. Had I wanted my family to see a hooker perform a live sex show, I would have taken her to Tijuana. It was, at best, a third rate exhibition of what a paedophile would like to see during a child pornography live show.”

Another wrote: “Obscene sexual acts on stage depicted by a child.”

Below: 'Put it away, love' - music stars react to Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMAs