If this is a b-side, how good is the album?
michael baggs
11:26 30th August 2013


Arctic Monkeys have premiered new track, 'Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You', the b-side to their new single, 'Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High'. Listen below.

The track is a restrained, mid-tempo tune with an almost r&b beat similar to previous hit, 'Do I Wanna Know'. It's really quite brilliant, and if they can afford to release tracks like this as a b-side, then they must have something truly special lined up on new album, AM.

Listen to 'Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You' below - via Tumblr.

Talking about their evolution with Q magazine, Turner confesses how they have always intended to 'explore' their sound, however in spite of this, he has now realised that whatever they try "it will always sound like the Arctic Monkeys."

"After our first LP, I don't think we knew where we were going to go" Turner revealed. He went onto explain that the one thing they were all certain of was that the Arctic Monkeys were "never going to be a boring indie band."

When questioned whether AM would become the group's 'big LA record', Turner stated: "It's funny you should ask, because our label boss heard the song 'Fireside' and told me it's the most Californian song I'd written. And of course, that was the one I'd written in London."

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