Punk-folk hero felt 'like a total scum bag'
Andrew Trendell

14:15 28th August 2013

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Frank Turner has revealed that he once unwittingly told children to take the supplement 5-HTP - unaware that he was being interviewed for kid's TV show Rastamouse. Watch our video interview with Turner above. 

We caught up with Turner backstage at this weekend's Reading Festival ahead of his Main Stage appearance, where we asked him what his tips were for overcoming a festival hangover. 

"I once got asked what my festival tip was in an interview," said Frank Turner. "I basically said said that this stuff you can get from health food shops, I think it's called 5-HTP, and it's basically a natural seratonin booster - which means that if you have been doing something which might have depleted your seratonin levels then this sorts you out and makes you feel really good."

He continued: "What they hadn't told me was that this was a slot for a children's TV programme called Rastamouse, and they fucking broadcast it so it had all of these bands going 'remember to bring wellies and loo paper' and then there's me going 'get some 5-HTP - it will sort out your seratonin and be great. 

"It basically made me look like a total scum bag."

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