Star also says Tropico is released next month
Andrew Trendell

10:01 28th August 2013

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The mystery that surrounds Lana Del Rey's plans for the future remains intact as she refused to answer questions of her retirement when approached by fans in LA. Watch video footage of the encounter below. 

The 'Video Games' star caused fear among fans, suggesting that she is planning on saying goodbye for good and stepping away from her career after a recent tweet regarding her upcoming movie, Tropico. 

“Look forward to to seeing you for the farewell project,” the singer tweeted. “I adore you and thank you for inspiring me. TROPICO.”

Now, a video from Pop Candies TV shows the singer attending a Courtney Love gig in Los Angeles when was approached by fans who questioned was Tropico was all about. 

"Am I going to retire?" she said, before letting out a murmur that sounded a little bit like 'I don't know'.

Del Rey was then asked when Tropico was due for release. She replied: "I think in a month."

 Watch Lana Del Rey talking Tropico and retirement below:

The 30-minute short film will include new music from the singer’s Paradise EP, including the tracks ‘Bel Air’, ‘Gods & Monsters’ and ‘Body Electric’.

Earlier this month, Del Rey explained the recent flurry of leaks of her music, saying her hard drive had been remotely accessed sometime ago, and that the majority of tracks were old demos but some, like ‘Black Beauty’, were intended for her new album.

Below: Behind the scenes on Lana Del Rey's short film Tropico

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