Scottish trio chat backstage at Reading
Andrew Trendell

14:42 24th August 2013

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Chvrches have been tribute to former touring partners Depeche Mode and close friends Frightened Rabbit for their 'individuality'. Watch our video interview with the band below.

Speaking to Gigwise backstage at Reading Festival ahead of their brilliant set on the Festival Republic Stage, we asked the hotly-tipped Scottish trio about what they learned from touring with Depeche Mode. 

"It was the best learning experience that you can get," said synth-player Martin Doherty. "Those situations are sink or swim, of course, and it was pretty intense beforehand, but as soon as we got into the swing of that, it felt really good.

"More than anything, being as close to a band like that just made us learn more and more every day about what they do."

Frontwoman Lauren Mayberry continued: "The interesting thing for me about Depeche Mode, was one night watching the show and then watching the people while they're watching the show. I don't know if many stadium acts can do the kind of performances that they do and reach that many people. You're watching these people and they fucking love Depeche Mode. They have found so much in that band, and it's not stereotypical 'stadium rock stuff' - it's really interesting that they can play great music to that big an audience. When you think about it, at the start someone would have told them that it probably wasn't possible - and I think it's really cool."

Watch Chvrches discussing Reading, Depeche Mode, Frigtened Rabbit and Scottish music below:

When asked about following the 'long-game' career trajectory of their friends and fellow Scots Frightened Rabbit or exploding in the hype that surrounds them, Lauren replied: "I guess it's different for us because we were quite aware of Frightened Rabbit because of our geographic locations. Even when they were on their first record on Sing The Greys, people locally knew about that. They're great guys, they've worked really hard and Scott's an amazing lyricist - he's really individual."

She continued: "For us, we've not taken that path but we've been in bands for over a decade and we're just painfully aware that this band is where it is right now because of people on the internet - and without that and people finding out about us on blogs and passing it on to other people, we wouldn't be where we are now. Something like that is a very 'time and place' thing and you can't predict that. You can't get a fancy marketing team to do that for you, it's about people finding something in your songs."

Iain Cook added: "In terms of the long game, I think we'll keep doing this as long as its fun. There are no plans or pressure for the future, we're just taking it as it comes."

Chvrches play the Festival Republic Stage in Leeds Festival tonight. Their debut album, The Bones Of What You Believe, is released on 23 September before they head out on a full UK tour. For more information, visit Gigwise gig tickets.

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