Gaga also invites Katy Perry to 'f**k up hackers'
michael baggs
08:48 12th August 2013


Fans of Lady Gaga have taken to Twitter to share their support for the star's request that they don't listen to leaks of her new single 'Applause', or any other track from her new album, ARTPOP.

Last week, her track 'Burqa' appeared online ahead of release. When asked by fans what she thought of the leak, she replied simply: "Please take these down as much as possible."

Since then, she's been using social networks to ask fans to 'respect artists' and avoid all leaks of 'Applause'. Yesterday, Gaga sent a post to Katy Perry after her single 'Roar' leaked too. She tweeted:

Following that, fans have been posting tweets of support to Gaga - especially following celebrity blogger Perez Hilton unveiling a leaked snippet of the track:



 However, some were less sympathetic to Gaga's cause:

Below: Lady Gaga live in Italy