And Live 8 too...
Scott Colothan

10:39 5th September 2005

How big is yours Charlie?

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards says the band refused to play Live 8 because they were suspicious of Bob Geldof’s political connections.

The rock dinosaurs were begged to play the awareness-raising event at Hyde Park, but Richards felt that Sir Bob had too close links to politicians. He also hinted that the event was too hastily arranged.

He said: “I just thought the connection between Geldof and the Labour Party was just too tight, and I don't see debt reduction as being like - it's not going to feed the babies down there.

“I mean, who's this gratifying and where are the Africans? Where was their say? And I thought it was being stuck together too fast.”

Referring to the pressure applied to him by Sir Bob to take part, he added: “Oh yeah, all the Sirs had a bash, believe me. I wondered who was pulling the strings, that's all."