Second song from Hesitation Marks album
michael baggs
13:04 29th July 2013

Nine Inch Nails performed a brand new track, titled 'Find My Way' live last week at Fuji Rocks. Listen below.

The headline performance marked the beginning of the band.'s world tour, where they will be playing at a number of festivals over the summer. The show also marks the return of Trent Reznor to the music scene who put NIN on hiatus after touring in 2009.

'Find My Way' sees Reznor continuing to move further down the spiral and further away from NIN's older, harsher, industrial influenced sounds. The song is incredibly minimalistic and stripped down, has a simple beat and slow melody that lays Reznor's melancholy croonings bare for all to hear.

The sound is true to Reznor's progression throughout NIN's career, and follows on from 'Came Back Haunted' which was the first single from the upcoming album.

 Watch Nine Inch Nails peforming Find My Way below:

In the studio NIN has always been primarily Reznor on his own and his live band has seen many different members come and go over the years. Joining Mr. Self Destruct on the road this year are returning members Allesandro Cortini, John Eustis and Robin Finck as well as former Lostprophets drummer Ilan Rubin.

Reznor announced last year that he had been writing material throughout 2012, and later confirmed that it was for a new Nine Inch Nails album. The upcoming LP 'Hesitation Marks' is set for release on September 3.

Nine Inch Nails will be playing at Reading Festival in the UK on Sunday 25th August. For details visit Gigwise Gig Tickets.