Band chat after stunning set at Kendal Calling
Andrew Trendell

13:02 28th July 2013

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London Grammar have spoken out about their frustration of gender typecasting and comparisons to other female artists as a result of having a woman as a singer. Watch our video interview with the band below.

The hotly-tipped Gigwise favourites spoke to us following their astounding set on the Gigwise Calling Out stage at Kendal Calling, where the trio spoke of the hurdles that new bands and female artists have to overcome.

"I do get compared to every woman that's ever sung a song, it is true - which felt really great at the time," said singer Hannah Reid.

"When someone would say 'she sounds like Annie Lennox' I was like 'yes!', when they said 'she sounds like Jessie Ware' I was like 'yes!' but I don't know if that's to do with being a girl. It's definitely being a new band more than anything, you just get comparisons. Other than that I haven't felt any prejudice. Maybe we shouldn't go into anything else."

She added: "If you're a man and fronting a rock band, then you don't go out there feeling really self conscious. I think you just go out there and you're judged on the songs slightly more. (When you're a woman) you're expected to have an incredible voice at all times

Bandmate Dot Major continued: "Traditionally, there are a lot more guys as frontmen in bands, and there are a lot more females as big pop stars. So when you're a girl like Hannah, and she's a frontwoman - the same as a frontman like Chris Martin - then it's slightly different. You then get compared to popstars instead of band people."

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Their debut album, If You Wait, will be released on 9 September before a full UK headline tour in October. For more information visit Gigwise gig tickets

Below - Video: London Grammar discuss sexism in music

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