Fans debate origins of video soundtrack
michael baggs
10:56 25th July 2013

Lady Gaga has revealed an intimate video of the star getting her nose pierced - and what may well be new music from her upcoming ARTPOP album.

In the new 'haus life' video, the star is seen reclining in a chair while a man pierces her septum. As the action takes place there is no dialogue, instead the scene is soundtracked by hard techno sound.

Fans are undecided whether the music is taken from her third album ARTPOP, with some suggesting it may be an extract from her potential new single 'Applause', while others stating that this is not music from her upcoming record.

Gaga is said to be going against the rules with her third studio album, and producer Zedd revealed that the new record was sounding 'crazy'.

"She wants me to do the craziest songs I can possibly do. I'm not thinking about fitting a shoe on the right foot. We're doing something completely unique and what we think is new," says Zedd (real name Anton Zaslavski), in an interview with Digital Spy.

Watch the video below

Her manager Matthew Herbert labelled ARTPOP: "very, very refreshing" and added told the New York Daily News that the star continues to "push the envelope."

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