Actor personally invited by Brian Fallon
Ben Lawrence

10:27 25th July 2013


Lead singer of Gaslight Anthem Brian Fallon has expressed an interest in touring with Ryan Gosling's spook rock band Dead Man's Bones.

In 2009 the star of 'Drive', 'The Ides of March' and the forthcoming 'Only God Forgives' recorded one album with band mate Zach Shields. Thematically the music explores love songs with ghosts and monsters.

Brian Fallon recently posted a picture of Gosling playing guitar to his Instagram page, commenting "Hey Girl... Dead Man's Bones is actually really good. You come tour with us and not make Only God Forgives 2."

As of yet there has been no response from Gosling himself, but the invitation and sentiment seems to be genuine.

Watch the video of Dead Man's Bones - Dead Hearts below:

Fallon has also discussed a new direction for the fifth Gaslight Anthem album, mentioning he hopes it to be akin to Pearl Jam's fourth album No Code: "They did these three rock records, and they all of a sudden went left turn. And everybody went, 'What the hell?' Then later, five years, they went, 'This is amazing."

Below: Gaslight Anthem, All Time Low at Leeds Festival 2012