Star posts mysterious image on Little Monsters
michael baggs
09:31 24th July 2013


Lady Gaga has strongly suggested that the title of her first single from upcoming album ARTPOP will be called 'The Applause'.

An image was posted on by Gaga's makeup artiste Tara Savelo. The image appears to show the Fame star working artwork with the title 'The Applause' and is captioned '26 days' - which is the amount of time between the post and the release of the single. Fans have since speculated that the first track to be released from ARTPOP will be called 'The Applause'.

Earlier this week, teaser footage for what appears to be a new music video from Gaga l eaked online. The short 23 second clip shows a brunette Gaga slowly and sensuallly licking a metal hand, and follows on from new promo shots of the fame star sat naked on a stool that emerged earlier this week. 

Watch the leaked ARTPOP Lady Gaga footage below:

Earlier this month Gaga announce that the album's first single will be released on 19 August, before the app and album become available to pre-order from 1 September and fully released on 11 November. 

Gaga described the app as: "a musical and visual engineering system that combines must, art, fashion and technology with a new interactive worldwide community - 'the auras'. Altering the human experience with social media, we bring ARTculture into POP in a reverse Warholian expedition."

She continues: "Exploring Gaga's existence as a cultural interface, the user will share in the 'adrenaline of fame' as they build and share their own projects, chat with one another, and watch in real-time on a virtual globe as ARTPOP explodes onto the physical an virtual universe at once on November 11, out 'BIG BANG!"

 Lady Gaga posted the following information on her official Facebook page:

The Haus of Gaga also claims that the album "virtually mirrors Gaga's creative process as she passes through the mediums of each artist she collaborates with, scoring a blueprint of her journey."

This month, rumours also surfaced that Lady Gaga would be making her live return at London's iTunes Festival in September. Apple refused to comment on the claims. 

Below: Everything we know about ARTPOP by Lady Gaga