Chic star opens up about working with Bowie and how he's 'full of surprises'
Andrew Trendell

16:41 23rd July 2013


Chic star and disco hero Nile Rodgers has opened up about his current relationship with David Bowie and given his thoughts on the possibility on him touring again. 

Rodgers worked with David Bowie on his most successful album to date, Let's Dance, back in 1983, and has maintained a relationship with the star ever since. 

Speaking to Gigwise, the 'Freak Out' and 'Get Lucky' guitarist said the Thin White Duke was always 'full of surprises'.

"He also seems to have done it (The Next Day) with a fair amount of secrecy and mystery and just lets the music do the talking," said Rodgers. "That's just Bowie. The cool thing about David is that you expect him to be chameleon-like. He's like a butterfly - he's just different. When we did Let's Dance, nobody expected that record. It wound up being his most successful record of all time. When David does something that's unexpected, in a strange way that's really who he is.

"When we were working together, he told me that he has never been compelled to do what people want from him. To me, that's his greatest quality. He's has so many great qualities but he's only ever done what he wants to do."

Watch the video for Let's Dance by David Bowie featuring Nile Rodgers below:

Speaking about his current working and personal relationship with Bowie today, Rodgers continued: "We're as close as I am with most artists I've worked with. I'm maybe a little closer to David because a year ago I was honoured by my charity and he made a really sweet and wonderful film for me. I call whenever I need a licence for Let's Dance or a song or something like that."

Regarding the possibility of Bowie touring again, Rodgers added: "I have no idea. I know as much about that as you do. Probably less. But like I said, he's full of surprises so who knows?"

David Bowie released his comeback album, The Next Day, to rave reviews and huge sales earlier this year. However, despite rumours of world tours and sets at Glastonbury, he is yet to play any live dates since releasing the record. 

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