New track taken from upcoming ARTPOP album
michael baggs
09:08 17th July 2013


Lyrics and (slightly dis-jointed) vocals have been leaked from new Lady Gaga track 'Burqa', which is taken from her upcoming third studio album, ARTPOP.

ARTPOP isn't due to be released until 11 November (11/11). We recently put together a list of everything we know so far about ARTPOP by Lady Gaga, here.

The sample below is of poor quality, but gives a hint at the themes we are set to hear on her upcoming third studio album.

Listen to the vocals for 'Burqa' below:


Wear it out, harmonize, stability.
Disturb the unaware
Put it on, conceal your hair.
Disturb the unaware,
Bitch I've been on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Let's get it on, religious risky fashion
Let's get it on, religious risky fashion
Put it on, wear that Burqa all year long
all year long.

Burqa, Burqa, Burqa
lets get psychotic.
Burqa, Burqa, Burqa
lets get erotic.

Make them all disagree,
Be the bel esprit.
Beleaguere them with the tea.
Show it off, you're the celebrity.

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