We spoke to Dan and co about their future at Glasto
Andrew Trendell

12:29 4th July 2013

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Bastille have revealed that their next album will feature a much 'heavier' and 'more ecclectic' sound than their massive selling debut, Bad Blood. 

Speaking to Gigwise backstage at this weekend's Glastonbury festival, frontman Dan Smith opened up about the band's future. 

When asked what fans can expect from new material, Dan responded: "More guitars. Will has just been given a really beautiful guitar by a really nice fan so we feel like we should probably use it.

"We didn't really have much of that on the first album and it may not end up on it but it would be quite interesting to try it out. We feel quite free. If we want to go quite electronic then we can and if we want to go more rocky and indie then we can."

He continued: "On the first album there's some quite hard-auto-tuned vocals on some tracks and then live drums and strings on others so there's quite a lot of variety in what we do already. I see the next album as just an extension of that and take in more sounds."

Keyboardist Kyle Simmons added: "We just want to push it a bit further up than the first album. It will still have all the same elements but just be a bit more Bastille."

We caught up with Bastille backstage at Glastonbury this weekend

When asked about the pressures of writing new material after the success of Bad Blood, Dan replied: "We feel quite chilled out about it to be honest. With our first album, there was never any kind of hype or expectation on us - we just got on with it with no scrutiny whatsoever. We're slightly past the point of caring about what other people think and I think we just want to make an album that we enjoy making with songs that we're happy with.

"Without going mental, it's quite nice for us to keep releasing new stuff. I'm putting out another mix tape this year with more songs and a new album next year maybe.

Drummer Chris 'Woody' Wood added: "The hard part is finding the time to write it because we're touring so much but I'm sure that will change. We've been quite lucky and no one has been pushy. We are the ones pushing to release it sooner rather than later."

Bastille play a string of festival dates this summer before a full UK tour in October and November. For more information visit Gigwise gig tickets

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