News of new album release
michael baggs
12:11 25th June 2013

Trent Reznor has spoken out about guitarist Adrian Belew quitting Nine Inch Nails.

The guitarist joined the band's line-up in February but quit earlier this month. Belew (of King Crimson) quit the band earlier this month and then posted on his Facebook page, "Concerning me being part of the 2013 Nine Inch Nails band: it didn't work."

Belew's departure marked the second band member to leave Nine Inch Nails in less than a month. As bassist Eric Avery left the band on May 15th, reporting he had felt "overwhelmed" by "all the intensity that Nails demands".

Reznor admitted, in an interview with CBS, that the shifting of lineup had been "disruptive", adding "You can spend a lot of time hypothesising, imagining and projecting what it’s gonna be with this chemistry and this recipe of people in a room playing music, and in reality it rarely is that."

He added: "It's felt like a wrench in the works at times, but at the same time it's made me rethink a lot of how we put this together, and I think where we're ending up at is a place that’s much truer to what Nine Inch Nails should be and better in the long run".

Listen to Nine Inch Nails - Come Back Haunted video below:

Nine Inch Nail will release new album Hesitation Marks on September 3rd. Produced by Reznor alongside Alan Moulder and Atticus Ross, Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac will appear on the album and also as it was confirmed recently, David Lynch has directed the video to their new single, 'Came Back Haunted'.

Details of a massive tour have been confirmed, spanning from end of July until the end of November, consisting primarily of North American dates but also including sets a Leeds Festival on August 23rd and Reading Festival on August 25th.

The 'Hesitation Marks' tracklisting below:

'The Eater of Dreams'
'Copy of A'
'Came Back Haunted'
'Find My Way'
'All Time Low'
'Various Methods of Escape'
'I Would for You'
'In Two'
'While I’m Still Here'
'Black Noise'