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Arctic Monkeys: what we know about the new album

After new single 'Do I Wanna Know', all the facts on the band's fifth studio album


Arctic Monkeys: what we know about the new album


Sheffield rockers Arctic Monkeys are gearing up to release their first album since 2011's Suck it and See, and boy, is it an exciting event.  Despite having nothing official announced, the Yorkshire lads keep teasing us with new material and dropping hints leading to more and more anticipation for the band's fifth record.

With a headlining set at Glastonbury in less than two weeks, it seems like they've come along way from their days relentlessly gigging around the Steel City.

The Arctic Monkeys' rumour train exploded in its tracks when drummer Matt Helder's mum was the one to confirm the recording of their new album. She tweeted, "I don't know if it helps to clear thigns up but lads are in the desert", letting it slip that the band were in a studio in America.


'R U Mine' was originally thought not to feature on the album - but the announcement of the record confirms this is not the case. Alex Turner previously told Artrocker that it was an indication of their new sound.

"I think we're going to go the direction of those heavier tunes. We did 'R U Mine', and I think that's where it's going to be at for us for the next record."

Considering the reception the band got for the track, it'll be interesting to see the 'heavier' side of Arctic Monkeys.

Sex Pistols' Steve Jones may be on the fifth album, hinted Jones himself after the guitarist's cameo in 'R U Mine?'. Jones described the band as 'really good', and said 'I'd like to do a bit of guitar with them guys'. He also mentioned the friendship he'd struck up with lead singer, Alex saying: "Me and Alex, we teach each other quite a lot. He's a good kid."

Watch the video for 'R U Mine?' here:

Arctics are not only changing their direction with a heavier sound, but also a faster one. Bassist Nick O''Malley spoke to Spinner saying: "We're enjoying playing sort of fast songs at the minute." He added, "Maybe that'll be an indication that it may go that way."

The band are constantly putting out clues to emphasise that their fifth album is going to be very different from their earlier material. In an interview with the Calgary Herald, Matt Helders told the reporter: "For us, it seems obvious to do something different when you make a new record. I know that bands can successfully carry on by having a similar sound forever, can have a full career out of it. Obviously many do and that works. It's just that I don''t think we''d ever want to do that.

"We couldn't make a record like our first record again, it would sound a bit fake. If there's one thing you couldn't describe the Arctic Monkeys as it's definitely 'same-y'."

Despite Alex Turner dropping hints that the band wanted to go back to their roots and record in Sheffield, they've been recording in the American desert, which will certainly add an edge to their music. Also, Alex told Another Magazine that he moved to LA because it's "built on rock 'n' roll", signalling a further move away from their indie-rock debut, Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not.

This week, the band have sent expectant fans crazy with the unveling of two new tracks.
The first 'Mad Sounds' performed live in Scandanavia. It is a slower, softer track than the band's normal repetoire.

Watch the fan video of 'Mad Sounds' below

The band also revealed a brand new single, 'Do I Wanna Know', earlier on their US tour but released it on iTunes in the early hours of this morning (Wednesday 19 June). It's a slow-burning, dark track that will no doubt sound excellent next weekend at Glastonbury.

Listen to 'Do I Wanna Know' below:

The band are headlining the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury next weekend and are expected to air more new material during their performance. Turner has confirmed that the album should be out by September but we really can't wait that long.

Arctic Monkeys are also planning to tour later in 2013, with Manchester stars The 1975 confirming recently that they had turned down the opportunity to support the band. Dates are yet to be announced...


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