Bassist believes Blur will release a new album.
michael baggs
13:35 12th June 2013

Blur bassist Alex James has hinted at a new Blur album, revealing that recording sessions earlier in 2013 went well, and could yield a future release from the Britpop icons.

The band took to the studio in May 2013 after cancelling a string of live shows in Tokyo, Japan and Taiwan, using the time off touring to record new material.

"We had a few days off in Hong Kong and thought, 'What the hell, let's go to the studio." He told BANG Showbiz. "It went very well.The opportunity came and we took it. Any chance to get together and make music is very welcome.

"We were just jamming, but it was good. I hope it happens."

They have recorded sparsely since their reunion in 2008; prior to this they recorded a 7" viynl for World Record Day. If they release an album off the back of these jamming session it would be their first album release for over a decade.

Alex James performing with his Blur Bandmates at the Olympic closing ceremony

James commented that he thought Blur would struggle to be signed if they were starting their career in 2013;

'The big bands are getting bigger and bigger and the small ones are disappearing altogether. I think it's very hard to be in an indie band anymore. I think Blur would struggle if we were just starting out now. It's a very different climate.'

Below: Blur, live in Hyde Park in 2012