Star also gives insight into 'sexy' new album
michael baggs
08:49 11th June 2013

Robin Thicke has joked that he will 'never stand next to a clothed woman again' and spoken about the representation of naked females in music videos and art.

The 'Blurred Lines' single is currently at the UK No.1 with his single featuring Pharrell and T.I. - and there's a version of the video that features topless ladies.

Speaking to the Metro about the video, Thicke said: "The interesting thing is the topless video has around 25million fewer views than the one with clothes on. The song really took off as soon as it came out on radio. I’d love to give the video the credit but the song’s pretty good."

When asked if Thicke planned on continuing the topless theme in future videos, he responded: "Yes, I will never stand next to a clothed woman again… We’ll keep the three girls theme going but they’ll wear clothes next time."

The paper then asked if Thicke thought it was acceptable to objectify women in music videos, and Thicke said he didn't see an issue.

"If it’s acceptable to ‘objectify’ women in the Louvre…," said Thicke. "People have been painting and sculpting naked women since the beginning of time. We didn’t objectify them, we just showed them in their most natural state."

Watch the video for 'Blurred Lines' by Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell and T.I. below:

Thicke also spoke out about what fans can expect from his upcoming album: "More stuff like 'Blurred Lines'. It’s the most fun album I’ve done.

"My music will always be soulful and sexy but this time it’s also fun, so people can walk away feeling better about their lives. People need escape."

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