Star also jokes about releasing leaked material
michael baggs
08:54 7th June 2013

Lana Del Rey has spoken of her admiration for musical heroes Kurt Cobain and Giorgio Moroder. Listen to her covering Nirvana's classic 'Heart Shaped Box' below. 

In an interview with US radio station 102.1 The Edge, the 'Video Games' star recalled the first time she enountered Cobain when she was just 12-years-old. 

"I'm drawn to Kurt for all of the same reasons that I think everyone else is," she said. "We didn't have a TV when I was young so we when were at my mom's friend's birthday party, she had MTV going in her bedroom and I had never seen a music video.

"I walked in and 'Heart Shaped Box' was playing. The thing I realised about Kurt right away was that I felt like he wasn't really acting. Him being crazy on screen was real, his pain was real and his excitement was real."

She added: "I just felt like I didn't know anyone else who was like that and I wanted to know him."

 Listen to Lana Del Rey's cover of Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana below:

After her contribution of the song 'Young and Beautiful' to the Great Gatsby soundtrack, Del Rey spoke of her love of Giorgio Moroder's work on writing music for film. 

"One of the first soundtracks that I really loved was the Scarface soundtrack,the Godfather soundtrack and anything by Giorgio Moroder," she said. "I also love Thomas Newman's score for American Beauty."

When asked if her unreleased song 'Puppy Love/Marilyn Monroe' would ever receive an official release, Del Rey teased: "I love that song. What would be a really good idea is to release a record called 'The Leaked Sessions' because I think I have over 120 songs that have been leaked online."

Last month, a new Lana Del Rey track 'Queen of Disaster' leaked online

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