New track taken from forthcoming album
michael baggs
11:26 1st June 2013

Beyonce has debuted new track 'Standing On The Sun' during her concert in Antwerp, Belgium as part of her Mrs Carter Show world tour. Watch the performance below.

The full studio version of the sun-kissed song has yet to be released, but snippets of the track can be heard as part of Beyonce's H&M swimwear promotional campaign.

The singer can be seen performing a typically complex and energetic dance routine whilst the caribbean-style track creates a party atmosphere amongst the Belgian crowd.

Whilst meeting fans at a meet and greet session in Oslo last week, Beyonce let slip that her eagerly awaited album is set for a November release.

Watch Beyonce perform 'Standing On The Sun' below: 

Beyonce fan, Olivia Krantz revealed via her blog that the popstar reluctantly shared the news before moving on to meet her next fan.

Krantz wrote: "Everything went so fast that I could only say that I love [new song] 'Grown Woman' and ask her when her album is coming.

"In November' was her answer before her gaze drifted to the next fan. Got a faint feeling that she disliked the question."

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