Another self-directed clip from band's frontman
Joanne Ball

17:11 28th May 2013

Everything Everything have premiered the video for their new single, 'Don't Try'. Check it out below.

Like the many of the the band’s videos, it is self-directed by frontman Jonathan Higgs. On YouTube it has over 10 000 views since the video went online yesterday.

Higgs describes the video as being ‘all about absolute abandon.’ He explains: "'Don't Try' is about letting it out and this video is all about absolute abandon. You can keep it in inside but it always comes out in the end one way or another, or it destroys you.

There’s a real mix of colours, of scenario’s and backdrops, with the video progressing towards colourful chaos at the end.

Watch Everything Everything's 'Don't Try' video below

Higgs adds: “I was inspired by the way repressing a mind can often make a person wildly creative, and I thought lot of dark imagery in paintings of hell were especially direct. I wanted to try and bring classic paintings to life in as much colour and expression as possible. "

Don’t Try will be released on Vinyl, CD, and Digital on the 16th June.

 Below: Everythinhg Everything perform live at Manchester HMV