Mick wasn't happy...
Lowri Williams

10:27 26th August 2005

How big is yours Charlie?

Keith Richards has apologised to his Rolling Stones Colleague Mick Jagger for insinuating that he had a tiny penis.

After Richards was quoted earlier this week as saying: "His cock's on the end of his nose.”

“And a very small one at that. Huge balls. Small cock. Ask Marianne Faithfull."

The comments resulted in a massive falling out between the long time friends during their current US tour.

A spokesman for Richards has today said to The Sun: "He has apologised to Mick because he was trying to be complimentary and ended appearing offensive.

"But that's the end of the matter. He did say that Mick had big balls as in he admired him because he was gutsy and courageous. How would he know anything about the size of his willy?"

So Mick definitely has big balls then?