Gallagher: 'He was necking it. Top Man. I love him'
michael baggs
10:54 12th May 2013

Noel Gallagher has revealed that he was in awe of Morrissey's drinking skills when the former Smiths frontman once visited the Oasis dressing room before one of their gigs for a quick beverage.

Gallagher seems to judge a fellow musician's character by the amount of vodka they can handle and was thoroughly impressed by Morrissey's efforts.

The 45-year-old told the Daily Star: "I asked him what he wanted to drink, and he said vodka.

"I swear to you, he had about three-quarters of a pint of vodka with a splash of tonic.

"He was necking it. Top man. I love him."

Fancy a pint...of vodka? Morrissey's alcohol intake impressed Noel Gallagher 

The High Flying Birds singer has recently admitted that he finds it difficult to find the enthusiasm to keep working on new material and as he is 'too bone idle' to get back to work or explore new avenues like Damon Albarn's work with other musicians and his operas.

Gallagher told Q magazine: "I’m too bone idle for that. Damon? F**king hell, I was sayng to him, ‘Have you ever had a month off?’ I used to be like that, but I do like resting on my laurels.

“Every time I think about going back to work ‘AKA... What A life!’ will come on the radio and I’ll go ‘Haha, what’s the point? F**king done it. Going to the Groucho [club], see you later.”

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