Singer says she's going to give it her best shot
michael baggs
07:28 9th May 2013

UK Eurovision entrant Bonnie Tyler claims we have a good chance of winning this year's event, and says last year's entry wasn't up to scratch.

Despite last year's entry finishing second from last with just 12 points, Tyler thinks that 2013 could be the UK's year, and doesn't want to rule out the possibility to win.

"I didn't think the song was good enough last year," Tyler told BBC News, of Engelbert Humperdinck's entry 'Love Will Set You Free'. "Engelbert [Humperdinck] is a superstar, but I don't think the song was strong enough for him."

She continued, "We've got a chance with this song - it written by a world class songwriter. I know there are some other good songs, but hopefully we'll do better than last year."

This year's song is a power ballad named 'Believe in Me', and was written by America's Desmond Child - who is famous for writing the Ricky Martin hits 'She Bangs' and 'Livin' La Vida Loca', as well as two British songwriters Lauren Christy and Christopher Braide.

Watch the video for Bonnie's entry 'Believe In Me' below

Tyler finished by saying, "I'm going to give it a hwyl as we say in Wales - I'll give it my best shot. It's a pity you can't vote for your country though, because I'm from such a big family we'd be half way there!"

The Eurovision contest takes place on 18 May on BBC One.

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