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Michael Baggs

17:02 30th April 2013

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Fleetwood Mac have this week released a brand new EP, titled Extended Play, their first new music in ten years.

The four-track collection was released today (30 April, 2013) and consists of new tracks 'Without You', 'It Takes Time', 'Sad Angel' and 'Miss Fantasy' - their first new music since 2003 album, Say You Will. Listen to 'Sad Angel' from the collection below.

Mick Fleetwood had previously spoken of their new material, saying they were uncertain whether fans would want to hear new tracks.

"I hope there's a demand for it," says Fleetwood in an interview with 6Music in February, 2013, also hinting that a full studio album could also be in the pipeline. He added that the new songs were written with Lindsey Buckingham in an attempt to persuade Stevie Nicks back into singing with the band.

He said, "We wanted her to know we wanted to make some new music and we had some great songs. But her mother died not too long after and it wasn't the time for her to do any singing, so we dropped it.

"Then recently she's sung on three of them and recorded one original song of hers, so we're going to mix these songs down and there'll be something that we will play hopefully on stage."

Listen to 'Sad Angel below

Fleetwood Mac return to the UK in September for a string of live shows. The UK leg of the tour starts in Dublin on September 20 and wraps up in Glasgow on October 3.

Full dates are as below. Tickets are on sale now. For more information, visit Gigwise Gig Tickets.

September 20 - Dublin, O2
September 24 - London, O2 Arena
September 25 - London, O2 Arena
September 29 - Birmingham, LG Arena
October 1 - Manchester, Manchester Arena
October 3 - Glasgow, The Hydro

Below: what can we expect to see at Fleetwood Mac's 2013 UK shows?

  • No Christine McVie: Sadly, Christine seems destined to always be the missing link from the classic line up. In a recent interview, Stevie Nicks told The Guardian, "As Taylor Swift would say: 'We are never ever getting back together ever!'"

  • A mix of age ranges in the audience: Unlike some 'classic' bands, it won't all be older people trying to relive their youth. Fleetwood Mac manage to appeal to everyone, so expect to see a complete mix of people - from children to grandparents.

  • The famous chemistry: The onstage tension between Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks is a thing of legend. From the way they hug at the end of 'Sara' to Stevie turning her back on Lindsey during the 'shacking up' line in 'Go Your Own Way', the history between the two of them only serves to add an extra-special magic to the songs.

  • Rumours: The tour happens to coincide with the re-release of the famous Rumours, which could lead to more songs than usual from the '76 album. Stevie said to Rolling Stone, "There are a lot of songs on Rumours that are in the set no matter what. I think what will happen is we'll end up talking about it onstage. Most of those songs are in our set anyway. We'll just end up telling stories and talking about how these things happen. It's always fun to share that with your audience."

  • Hours and HOURS of hits: When Fleetwood Mac last hit the UK on the Unleashed tour, the band didn't bother with an opening act and instead chose to just play non-stop for over two and a half hours. Hopefully they'll continue the tradition.

  • Not ALL the hits: With a back catalogue as varied as Fleetwood Mac's, it's impossible for them to please everyone. So while there will be a good number of their greatest hits in there, don't expect to hear everything.

  • Eight minute drum solo: Mick Fleetwood last time chose to perform an eight minute drum solo that teetered on the balance of brilliant and insane. As one reviewer put it, "This was a refreshingly spontaneous moment, including mostly incomprehensible calls from the drummer to the audience, 'Are you blah blah blah?'"

  • New material: The band have been teasing about recording a new album for a while, so they could choose to share some new tracks with the audience. Speaking to Rolling Stone about recording new songs, Lindsey said, "There's a lot of stuff there. Some of this we will do in the show. We're not pushing it. We're just going to wait and see what everybody wants to hear."

  • Stevie Nicks' trademark twirls: Google 'Stevie Nicks twirl' and there are tons of results. Stevie's trademark twirl is a thing to behold - and we doubt we'll ever know how she manages that without seemingly ever getting dizzy. Witchcraft?!

  • Something different: Stevie Nicks told The Guardian, "This is going to be a very different tour. The audience is going to see a very different Fleetwood Mac up there - we talked about how we really need to appreciate what we have and who we are and how far we've come." So who knows what you could see - although there's no doubt that whatever it is, it'll be worth it.

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