Fans hit out at the Swedish duo's performances
michael baggs
13:21 30th April 2013

The Knife are known for being unconventional, but fans at live shows have been left less than impressed.

Attendees have taken to the band's Facebook page in order to criticise the concerts, saying that they are nothing more than interpretative dance routines and the songs are not performed live - with some even demanding their money back.

The Knife's music was never meant to be played live, but concert-goers are saying that they still expected more than "a bunch of more or less talented kids in plastic coats ... jumping around to music coming from a boombox."

"Songs seem to be intentionally 'destroyed', by the group leaving the stage or not moving at all (or moving very cheesy)," wrote Bernhard Mies. "They seem to perfectly omit every accentuation, every chance to create atmosphere. It was as if they tried to underline that everything was playback. Just real sloppy dancing. And with Karin's & Olof's occasionally smiles and grins it felt like a big, virtuous delivered "f**k you!"."

Stefan Karolewicz went even farther, labelling it "the worst rip-off I have ever witnessed."

"The Knife topped the grotesque performance of the other guy quite easily by presenting an amateurish dance show that no highschool dance group would dare to perform in public," he continued. "Needless to say, they didn't even pretend to perform anything one could call playback."

Watch a video of The Knife's performance of 'A Tooth For An Eye' below

He finished the online rant by saying, "All in all, I think this was a very brave act of ripping off fans, and in a sense it was brilliant. Remember, this show was sold out before the official pre-sale had even started, so you can bet that only subscribers of their newsletter, i.e. "real" fans managed to obtain tickets.

"The Knife really taught them a lesson yesterday. They showed them that they are nothing but a bunch of dribbling idiots who spent their hard-earned money on nothing, completely mindless consumers, amazingly easy to manipulate."

While some fans did try and defend the band, the majority seemed unimpressed and angry at the quality of the concert. The Knife play London's Roundhouse on 8 May, so UK fans will have the chance to decide for themselves. Tickets are on sale now. For more information visit Gigwise Gig Tickets.

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