'Fans lose out due to limited resale window'
michael baggs
10:08 21st April 2013

The final sale of Glastonbury 2013 tickets began and ended in a matter of minutes today (April 21) as fans tried to book their place at the festival in a process that contains some 'fundamental flaws' according to ticket marketplace, Viagogo.

The Glastonbury resale was the final opportunity for fans to book their place at the Worthy Farm festival, but those hoping to purchase tickets for this year’s event had to be registered even though registration for Glastonbury 2013 had already closed, meaning only those who had registered with the site in previous years could book tickets.

The world's largest ticket marketplace Viagogo has found that due to this process being in place, around £26m was wasted last year due to unused tickets and have stressed the need for a more accessible resale platform.

Steve Roest, Head of European Business Development at Viagogo said: "Our experience shows that as an event approaches, more tickets are resold as people’s plans change.

"However, personalised tickets and a limited resale window restricts this, with many fans losing out as their plans change closer to the time and they cannot resell.

A floating dinosaur enjoys the Glastonbury 2011 atmosphere

"We applaud methods that prevent ticket fraud, as festival goers deserve better than having to take their chances on online auction sites or with sellers outside the festival gates, however we still believe in the right to a free marketplace.

"This is why we have partnered with the Isle of Wight festival amongst others to provide a secure and guaranteed platform to resell tickets.”

The majority of ticket hopefuls were left disappointed after the resale tickets sold out in a matter of minutes as they found buying Glastonbury resale tickets almost impossible to obtain with some hopefuls taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

Twitter user Samantha Malvern wrote: "More chance of winning the London Marathon than getting a Glastonbury ticket."

Whilst @samtunks posted: "If you think you’re having problems with the London Marathon, try getting Glastonbury tickets."

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