Star hints at the possibility of a new album
Grace Carroll

12:02 15th April 2013

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Prince has debuted a new song titled 'FIXURLIFEUP', and hinted that it could be part of a new album titled Plectrum Electrum. Listen below.

The song has more of a rock vibe than some of his previous tracks, including a particularly impressive guitar solo - which follows a spoken word piece, in which Prince says, "Don’t worry about what the crowd does, just worry about being what you love."

'FIXURLIFEUP' is thought to be heading to iTunes shortly and, along with the other songs that Prince has been teasing fans with recently, could be part of his upcoming record Plectrum Electrum.

The album would be a follow-up to his 2010 album 20Ten, and would be the star's 26th studio album - although judging by 'FIXURLIFEUP', it could sound more like his 1996 album Chaos And Disorder.

Prince fans could be hearing more music from the album sooner rather than later, as trusted Prince source Dr Funkenberry reports that he will be playing the record at the Live Out Loud Tour launch party in Vancouver.

Listen to 'FIXURLIFEUP' below:

The website posted, "Prince will let the public hear songs from this new album at the Live Out Loud Tour launch party at the Portside Pub in Vancouver, BC. For $25, it’s a chance to hear some fresh funk-rock from Prince, including the new song "FIXURLIFEUP," which was debuted earlier today on CBC Radio."

Fans could also be able to hear Prince's new material on his upcoming West Coast tour of America, or possibly when he performs at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards on 19 May in Las Vegas.

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