Keith Richards discusses 'beauty' of third guitar
michael baggs
16:25 9th April 2013

Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones has confirmed that Mick Taylor will join the band when they perform their two summer gigs in London's Hyde Park.

Taylor performed with the Stones when they performed at The O2 in 2012, and recently revealed that he was keen to reprise his role when the band performed again in the UK this summer. Richards confirmed Taylor's return to the fold for the live shows during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on US TV.

"We have the added beauty of keeping Mick Taylor with us as well this time," said Richards. "It's great that he wanted to do some more. Ronnie and I, you understand, the Stones records, sometimes there are four, five, maybe six guitars on them that we carefully overlay and artistically manufacture, and then we get onstage and there's two of us and we have to decide which are the important bits!

"So to have Mick Taylor with us as an added third guitar, this means this is gonna be an interesting tour all around."

Rolling Stones will tour in summer 2013, including two live shows in Hyde Park

Former bassist Bill Wyman is yet to be confirmed for any of the shows, and he recently revealed why he turned down the opportunity to perform with the band in America in 2012.

Wyman, who left the group in 1992 after 30 years was disappointed to be asked only to play two songs during the reunion gigs. Speaking to the Daily Express, he said: "When they asked me to go to America for two weeks to do three shows there, I said for two songs? No thank you."

However, Wyman did insist he enjoyed his time back on stage but was not overly happy with the little time he got. Adding: "It was great for five minutes because that's about as long as they let me play."

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