Mixed response for Liam's latest
Michael Arber

12:21 8th April 2013

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Beady Eye have premiered their new single 'Flick Of The Finger', after months of hype from their infamously outspoken frontman, Liam Gallagher.

The band will follow their maiden attempt 'Different Gear, Still Speeding' with a second release in the coming months and previewed a brand new track on a US radio station on April 5.

'Flick Of The Finger' has drawn a mixed response on social networking sites with the band taking a decidedly different route with their new material. Having parted company with producer Steve Lillywhite, who also had a hand in many of Oasis' biggest tracks, the band enlisted the help of Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio for the new record.

The producer is synonymous with the New York indie sound of the early 00s and the new approach is immediately obvious on 'Flick Of The Finger'. The band's manager Scott Rodger claimed that Sitek called to say: "I need a brass section. Get me a brass section now." A Different direction indeed.

The fast paced track blends Liam's vocals with an incredibly busy backing that doesn't allow time for pause. The frontman seems to attempt to banish the demons of a below par debut album by singing: "Like the ghost of a bad idea, I feel myself getting the fear." The underwhelming Different Gear, Still Speeding has spurred the boys on to try something completely off the wall.

Beady Eye have a new approach with second record

Liam and co have switched it up here. Mixed opinions though it may receive, it cannot be denied that this track is an energetic new approach. Beady Eye were always going to face stern critical expectation as they not only followed Oasis, they also must compete with Noel's High Flying Birds that are more than living up to their name.

The senior Gallagher brother was quoted as saying that Beady Eye need a "F***ing good album" and that their singer "does them a disservice."

The response from the Beady Eye camp saw manager Scott Rodger claim that this follow up record "could be the best Liam has ever made". Liam then added that the forthcoming record should have been released in the Oasis' heyday, instead of Be Here Now. And went onto say the new release is "As good as Oasis". A claim any record would struggle to live up to.

Liam's constant admissions that his new outfit can eclipse his former band have been seen as part of Beady Eye's lack of success. But the mouthy frontman says: "We've booted the door off the hinges and steamed right in there."

We now await whether the rest of the album will follow Flick Of The Finger's pacey, electro sound - but we just don't expect much modesty from Liam.


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