Real or not? Pharell, Julian Casablancas and more named on track-by-track album breakdown
Michael Baggs

10:24 5th April 2013

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French website Konbini has revealed a full track by track breakdown of the artists appearing on the new Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories.

The band's 2013 campaign has been a mix of teasers, fevered excitement - and false information. So while this new information should be treated with some level of suspicion, the names featured match with details already known about the French duo's fourth studio album.

The details reveal the guests on each track - but titles still remain secret. Names on the list include producers Nile Rogers and Giorgio Moroder, with vocal contributions from Pharrell Williams, Julian Casablancas, Todd Edwards and Noah Benjamin Lennox of Panda Bear also revealed.

The full list is below.

1 – Nile Rodgers (Guitar), Paul Jackson Jr. (Guitar) – 4:34
2 – Instrumental – 5:21
3 – Giorgio Moroder (Synth) – 9:04
4 – Gonzales (Piano) – 3:48
5 – Julian Casablancas (Vocals) – 5:37
6 - Loose yourself to dance - Nile Rodgers (Guitar), Pharrell Williams (Vocals) – 5:53
7 – Paul Williams (Vocals and Lyrics) – 8:18
8 – Nile Rodgers (Guitar), Pharrell Williams (Vocals) – 6:07
9 – Paul Williams (Lyrics) – 4:50
10 – Instrumental – 5:41
11 – Todd Edwards (Vocals) – 4:39
12 – Noah Benjamin Lennox (Panda Bear – Vocals) – 4:11
13 – Dj Falcon – 6:21

Random Access Memories is released in the UK on 20 May 2013. Earlier this week, disco legend Giorgio Moroder spoke of his work with the dance icons in a mini-documentary.

The Italian disco legend told Vice in the video interview: "Daft Punk wanted to do something and do it in a way that's not done by just pushing a note or a chord.

"You definitely hear that it's nice and full; the drums and the bass have that warm, that full sound. This is like a step forward."

Watch the interview below

 Below: Daft Punk - Random Access Memories, the essential facts

  • Release date: The album will be available in the UK from 20 May, 2013 and can be pre-ordered on CD and vinyl now. The UK release date comes one day before the US, where the record will be available on 21 May, 2013.

  • The music: Daft Punk premiered a series of short adverts, which have hinted that Random Access Memories could be more likely to have a laid back, but utterly funky disco feel. These 15-second clips have been the only thing to cling onto musically since the duo's comeback was confirmed.

  • Nile Rogers: Adding to the rumours of a heavily disco influenced album was the confirmation that Daft Punk worked with Chic guitarist Nile Rogers. The disco star hinted at what to expect from RAM, saying: "All I can say is that when you listen to the clip which dropped on Saturday Night Live, it pretty much shows you the great collaboration. It's clear as a bell."

  • Duration: We learnt just how much to expect from RAM when the first official confirmation of the band's fourth studio album was revealed on 19 February, 2013 as Sony music registered a 13-track, 74 minute Daft Punk album with music rights company, PPL.

  • Giorgio Moroder: We already knew that the French duo had teamed up with disco producer Giorgio Moroder, but in a recent interview, he gave us a little bit more information about RAM. He said "You definitely hear that it's nice and full; the drums and the bass have that warm, that full sound. This is like a step forward."

  • Live shows: So far, the powers behind Daft Punk have immediately shot down any rumours of a tour or festival performance. Potential appearances at Coachella, Glastonbury and Bestival have all been firmly denied, leaving fans feeling they may not be seeing a Daft Punk live show this year.

  • New label: Daft Punk recently announced their move to Sony subsidiary Columbia Records, departing long-time label EMI, and Random Access Memories will be released on Daft Life Limited, which is an imprint of Columbia Records.

  • Poster campaign: An international poster campaign for the new album began in the middle of SXSW 2013, sending Daft Punks fans into a frenzy in Austin, Texas. Enormous images of the album's cover appearing across the globe, including London and Texas sparking further rumours of live appearances. .

  • Adverts: We've also been treated to a series of logos and glittery images to keep the Daft Punk anticipation ticking over. Via a number of short video clips, images and posters we have see the classic Daft Punk helmets merged into one as well as the duo's name in a sparkling silver on a background. Even the glitter-filled images serve as a hint at a disco themed album for any fan looking for any scrap of further information.

  • Mini-documentaries: Daft Punk have have worked with Vice's Creative Project to create a web series on mini-documentaries highlighting their RAM collaborations. The first webisode features disco legend Giorgio Moroder who worked on some of Donna Summer's biggest hits. Other RAM collaborators that could feature in the series include Nile Rogers, Chilly Gonzales and Animal Collective's Panda Bear.

  • Album title: For months it was widely believed that the duo's fourth studio album would be titled No End. The fact that the record will actually be called Random Access Memories just proves how difficult it is to predict Daft Punk's next move. The pair used some scrawling font and a a 16-second clip to confirm the new album title.

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