Late singer's father says he wasn't asked
Adam Tait

16:30 4th April 2013

Mitch Winehouse claims no one asked him about Beyonce covering 'Back To Black' and suggest the singer should make a substantial donation for the rights.

Beyonce and Andre 3000 duet on a cover of Amy's now classic 'Back To Black' on The Great Gatsby soundtrack, and Interscope have promised it will be 'a very different take' from Amy's version. Mitch took to Twitter to make his opinions known.

"First I have heard about Beyonce and Back To Black," he posted. "Sounds like some of you don't like the idea. Let me repeat. This is the first I have heard of Beyonce doing Amy's song."

He then added: "What if Beyonce gave £100,000 to (the) foundation. Do you know how many kids that would help? Just putting it out there."

And indeed, there are those among the Twitter-verse who seem unhappy about the idea.

"Amy Winehouse fans: tweet @mitchwinehouse and tell him to stop Beyonce doing B2B cover! RT RT," one unhappy fan posted.

Sometime later the same fan posted, "Mitch Winehouse is following me!! I've made it! One step to Amy's legacy!"

But others see his attempts to solicit a donation from Beyonce as money grabbing.

Watch the new trailer for the film and hear a snmippet of Beyonce's cover

"Mitch Winehouse is one of the most money-grabbing, selfish and vile people ever. It was your daughter that was talented mate, not you," one person posted.

But it doesn't seem that anyone's particularly concerned about Mitch's view, as the cover has already been recorded and is featured in the new trailer for the film.

The full tracklisting for the film has now been unveiled and includes Beyonce's cover, a new song from Jay-Z himself and orginal material from Lana Del Rey and The xx among others.

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