Keep up with new album on Radiohead website...
Oliver Warwick

10:35 23rd August 2005

RadioheadIf the wait for Radiohead to release a new album is getting a bit much for you, why not pop over to their website where you can read their studio diary...

In an uncharacteristically forthcoming move, all the members of the band are uploading thoughts and photos from their sessions so you can see how the new record is progressing for yourselves.

Guitarist Ed Chamberlain has announced that two songs under the working titles of ‘Mornin' m' Lud’ and ‘Pigsee’ are being worked on at the moment, and Thom Yorke has been posting obscure poetic rants, which may or may not surprise you.

You can follow the band’s thoughts at their official website by visiting the Dead Air Space section.