Band cite their 'creative health' as the reason
Grace Carroll

12:50 28th March 2013

Foxygen's upcoming European tour - including five dates in the UK - has been cancelled due to the 'creative health' of the band.

The American indie rock duo were set to play a concert in Scotland and four in England, including a show at the Scala in London. However, they have now cancelled it, and the news comes very close to singer Sam France's onstage meltdown at SXSW.

In a statement, the band said, "We have some unfortunate news. We have to cancel our upcoming EU dates for May/June and upcoming EU summer festival dates. We'd like apologize to all our European fans and supporters. We know this causes frustration and headaches for ticket buyers and promoters alike.

"We assure you this is ultimately for the creative health of the band. We will back in EU soon and promise to make this up to all of you. Please understand. Thank you again, all of you. Your time, attention and support mean the world to us. Love, Foxygen."

According to Pitchfork, the band's set at SXSW was labelled as 'unhinged', after France verbally confronted a fan and told the audience that he was 'exhausted'.

France said to the crowd that he was running on fumes, adding "I am empty," and that his voice was shot. When some people in the audience told France to stop whining and that this is his job, he responded, "Come on stage and talk to me about it, you f**king coward. Come on, get on the f**king stage."

Watch part of Foxygen's onstage meltdown below:

He then performed 'In the Darkness' before saying goodbye and walking off stage, only to return later and offer an apology. France told the audience, "I'm sorry about what I said earlier to that guy. I wasn't even talking to him-- I was talking to myself."

Foxygen then finished their set as planned. The cancelled dates are as follows:

24th April – London Calling at Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
25th April - Primavera Sound, Barcelona, Spain
29th April - Beaches Brew Festival, Ravenna, Italy
1st June - Primavera Sound, Porto, Portugal
3rd June - Stereo, Glasgow, Scotland
4th June - The Cluny, Newcastle, England
5th June - Deaf Institute, Manchester, England
6th June - Scala, London, England
7th June - Green Door Store, Brighton, England
7th July - Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark
6th August - Oya Festival, Oslo, Norway
8th August - Way Out West, Gothenburg, Sweden

Music's worst meltdowns: Green Day strop and more

  • Billie Joe Amstrong of Green Day, 2012, Las Vegas: The band were told to hurry up with their show at the MGM Grand, prompting Billie Joe to launch a foul-mouthed rant at organisers, screaming: "You''re gonna give me one minute?!" he screamed, clearly very distraught into the microphone. "I''ve been around since f**king nineteen eighty f**king eight, and you''re gonna give me one minute?! You''ve gotta be f**king kidding me! I''m not f**king Justin Bieber you motherf**kers! Let me show you what one f**king minute f**king means." He then smashed his guitar onto the floor and stuck his middle fingers up to the audience, storming off stage.

  • Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins, 2008, New York: The infamously emotional frontman kicked off at a fan at their second performance at the United Palace. He asked a fan to come onstage to ask them what he thought of the previous night''s performace, to which the fan merely said, "It sucked." Billy replied sarcastically to the fan, "I liked that song you wrote, what was it called? [titled unfit to print] That was a big hit in Europe."

  • Courtney Love, 2011, Brazil: Professional train wreck Courtney lost it with the audience at the Sao Paolo Music and Arts Festival gig when a fan held up a picture of her ex- husband, the late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. "I don''''t need to see a picture of Kurt, and I''m going to have you f**king removed if you keep throwing that up," she shouted. "I''m not Kurt - I have to live with his sh*t, his ghost and his kid every day. Throwing that up is stupid and rude and I''ll beat the f**king shit out of you if you do it again."

  • Alice Glass of Crystal Castles, 2011, California at The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana: Crystal Castles are known for their notoriously frightening live performances. At this show, Alice smashed a microphone into her face, and then continued to spit blood and rum onto the crowd.

  • Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters, 2011, iTunes Festival: A violent member of the audience tried to throw a monkey wrench onto the stage whilst The Foo Fighters were performing. He then started a fight in the audience which caused Grohl to stop the bands performance and address the trouble-maker. "You don''t f**king fight at my show you a**hole." He then ejected the fan from the venue, which led the audience to chant Dave''s name. "You don''t come to my show and fight, you come to my show and f**king dance, I don''t put up with that bullsh*t. You people come here to have a good time."

  • Example, 2010, Bestival: Example''s stage explosion took place before he had really made it big, which almost makes this outburst a little worse. He had been given the opening performance on the Friday afternoon at the Isle of Wight Festival, when many of the festival goers were yet to arrive. He appeared angry and discontented with the crowd''''s reaction, and ordered the audience to "f**king dance more!"

  • Faith Hill, 2007, Louisiana: A fan got too close to her husband, fellow country singer Tim McGraw at a performace by grabbing his crotch. Faith announced to the audience, "Somebody needs to teach you some class my friend. You don''''t go grabbin'''' somebody''''s husband''''s balls. That''''s very disrespectful."

  • Jennifer Lopez, 2011, Connecticut: J-Lo broke down on stage after her divorce from Marc Antony. She sobbed to the audience whilst performing ''One Love'', "I''''m going to sing you the last song I wrote about love. A lot has changed since the then." Dancers dressed to look like her former loves, including Diddy, Ben Affleck, Cris Judd and Anthony himself then surrounded her. After wiping her eyes, J.Lo rushed from the stage, leaving her fans startled and confused.

  • Kanye West, 2011, Dublin: Being no stranger to controversy, Kanye was angered by a coin that was thrown at him by an audience member. He shouted, "I ain''t trying to make excuses but y''all threw a f*cking coin up here and threw me all the way off" he said. "Don''''t throw that hard sh*t up here while I''''m performing. Seriously. You f*cked it up for everybody, I was having a perfect show. Flawless victory. Don''''t throw no sh*t on the stage."

  • Caleb Followill of Kings Of Leon, 2011, St. Louis: The band were forced to cut their performance short because notoriously temperamental frontman Caleb decided he wanted a beer. "I''m gonna go backstage and I''m gonna vomit, I''m gonna drink a beer and I''m gonna come back out and play three more songs." He never made it back out for the last three songs, later blaming exhaustion, but his brother Jared who is also in the band, later tweeted, "There are problems in our band bigger than not drinking enough Gatorade."

  • Lady Sovereign, 2007, New York City: Grime rapper and self-titled "biggest midget in the game" performed a late night Brooklyn gig when exhaustion and frustration set in, leading her to finish early. She rushed two songs into a planned three song set, telling fans she was depressed and doing this for the money because she was going to be homeless in two weeks.

  • Patrick Wolf, 2009, Germany: Patrick Wolf kicked off at one of his own band members at a show in Cologne. He called her a, "bitch" and proceeded to spit at her and throw equipement in her direction. He thought she had switched his microphone off, she hadn''''t.

  • Shirley Manson of Garbage, 2012, Atlantic City: Whilst performing their hit ''Stupid Girl'' Shirley spotted a fight, seemingly one where a man had hit a woman. "Dude, never hit a f*cking woman, what is wrong with you man," she said. The man was ejected by security and apparently gave the excuse that he was acting in self-defence, Manson continued to say, "She started it? Oh, Jesus Christ, Okay. You''''re fighting baby, you gotta leave now. You can''''t f**king fight, man. You can''''t fight. I''''m sorry, that''''s the rules, man. We just need to all simmer down."

  • Robbie Furze of The Big Pink, 2010, Atlanta: The vocalist slurred obscenities and invited a fan on to the stage, "You want to come and say something. You''''ve got to fucking say it." The fan attempted to get onto the stage, but didn''t quite make it because Robbie knocked him off the stage with one massive punch, almost falling over himself. He then picked up his guitar, muttered an apology and continued with the performance.

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