Lily Cole stars in tense new video
michael baggs
15:53 26th March 2013

Yeah Yeah Yeahs have premiered their new video 'Sacriledge', which stars supermodel - and fledgling actress - Lily Cole in a revealing lead role. Watch the video below.

Opening with startling scenes of a young girl tied to a stake with a fire being set around her, the story is told in reverse, with the events leading up to burning gradually being explained.

By the end of the video it's clear that the girl (Lily Cole) is ultimately being punished for her promiscuous infidelities that saw her sleeping with the majority of the local community, finally being caught with the local priest.

The video remains artfully ambiguous, leaving the viewer to wonder if the girl is being punished for the sacriligous act of sleeping with a man of the cloth or is simply the victim of bitter individuals who have discovered they're not Lily's only lover.

The clip is as riveting as the track is listenable, matching the tense, almost-violent atmosphere of the song with the slowly unfolding narrative.

Watch the new video for 'Sacrilege' below

Singer Karen O has already promised the group's new record, Mosquito, will bring sexuality back to music, and the new video certainly seems to be a step in that direction.

Mosquito is due for release on April 16 and features production from Dave Sitek and Nick Launay, with LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy taking care of one track.

Perhaps unexpectedly for a YYY album, MC Kool Keith will reprise his Dr. Octagon persona to appear on a song.

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