30 artists on the shortlist for a plaque
michael baggs
15:19 5th March 2013

Camden is set to be twinned with America's Hollywood - and London officials will be creating their own Walk of Fame.

London's Walk of Fame is going to be laid this summer, and 30 artists have already made the shortlist to be included. The Music Walk of Fame will be split into five categories; 'innovative artists, influential artists, icons, unsung heroes and industry figures'.

As well as Amy Winehouse being in the running for a spot, Led Zeppelin, The Who and Madness have also been suggested for a place on the Walk.

Music promoter Lee Bennett told the BBC, "We hope this will be the highest accolade in music. This is an international brand not specific to Camden, but it is in Camden as we truly see it as the world's rock and roll capital.

"We were walking through Hollywood and [10 year-old son] Adam asked 'why don't we have this in the UK?' I thought what is the UK's most exciting big export? It's music. We should host the Music Walk of Fame."

Bennett also said he would "like to get bands who have split up back together again" for a concert when they receive their plaque - such as Oasis.

The first 30 discs will be laid this summer, according to organisers, with more to follow in September. There will also be an Amy Winehouse statue unveiled in September, in order to mark her 30th birthday.

Amy Winehouse could receive a plaque on Camden's Music Walk of Fame

Amy's father, Mitch Winehouse, said about the potential plaque, "I remember her talking about Hollywood and she would have definitely approved. She loved Camden and I think she would have been delighted to receive a plaque."

He added, in response to the statue, "I think she would have been over the moon. Long after you and I are gone, Amy will be remembered in a memorial on the streets."

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