Duo hit the waves while recording AMOK album
michael baggs
08:34 25th February 2013

Thom Yorke has revealed how he took up surfing as an escape from the stress of recording Atoms For Peace's new album, Amok.

While he was recording with Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea for Atoms For Peace, in California, he started joining him when Flea went surfing.

He told The Guardian, "I used always to try to force things, in the studio. But it's like, you can sit out there on a board for ages waiting for the right wave to come along.

''You can't get angry about it. You know it will happen eventually and you start to understand the waiting itself might be part of it. Part of the fun..."

Yorke also spoke about his work with Atoms For Peace and whether the more upbeat shift is going to mark a change in Radiohead's music too.

He said, "No, it depends where I am, I think. Maybe literally. I've been working at home over the winter and everything I've been doing is dark as f**k."

Thom Yorke on stage with Atoms For Peace at Fuji Rock 2010

The Atoms For Peace frontman continued, "But we did a lot of this away in Los Angeles and it was sunnier. It was something to do in the afternoon and evening before you went out.

"There is no way I'm really going to lose the old heavy work ethic. But we got close a few times."

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