MDNA tour makes majority of Madonna's earnings
Adam Tait

11:40 24th February 2013

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July this year will mark the 30th anniversary of Madonna’s debut self-titled album, but the popstar is still going strong and has been revealed as the highest earner in the music industry.

Billboard’s annual list of Top 40 money makers puts her at the top for the second time in fiver years.

Madonna made roughly $34.6million last year, but more than 90% of her revenue came from her MDNA world tour, which earned the Queen of Pop around $32million and was the biggest selling tour of 2012.

Bruce Springsteen came in close second with his stadium tour accounting for 90% of his $33.4million earnings last year.

Van Halen and Coldplay were also in the top ten. Justin Bieber is the tenth biggest money maker having earner nearly $16million. Again, the bulk of his earnings came from his Believe tour.

With artists including Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Fleetwood Mac all heading out on tour in 2013, it’s likely that we’ll see a whole different top ten when next year’s list is compiled.

The MDNA tour also contained some slightly awkward stripping

The MDNA tour was controversial at times and made headlines for the wrong reasons at points, but was still be biggest grossing tour of 2012. Incidents on the tour included brandishing a gun on stage at a show in Devner shortly after the Colorado shootings and being booed in France for playing a short set.

Below: Who goes too far in their quest to stay young? Madonna and more

  • Madonna, 53 - Super-punishing work outs all the time; Strict diet; Machine(s) that reduce the effects of skin ageing: When Madge isn''''t being ''''outrageous'''' in front of uncontented fans, she''''s constantly working out.

  • Simon Le Bon, 53 - wears clothes that all the ''''kids'''' are wearing; has a big beard to hide any facial discrepancies: Mr Le Bon likes to wear ''''futuristic'''' clothes to stay hip, it''''ll be a codpiece made of tin-foil and pipe cleaners before you know it, just wait and see.

  • Axl Rose, 50 - cornrows; goatee beard; botox; big sunglasses; baggy clothes: Axl Rose was probably the most beautiful man in rock n'''' roll at one point, but the years haven''''t been kind. He''''s certainly doing his best though...

  • Barry Manilow, 69 - surgery, surgery and then a bit more surgery: Yeah sure he looks like your grandma''''s evil twin, but this is the man who wrote ''''Copacabana'''', so give him a break yeah?

  • Kylie Minogue, 43 - botox; moisturiser: The Australian megastar claimed in 2010 that ahe was giving up botox, however recent pictures beg to differ. We guess she just can''''t get it out of her head.

  • Fred Durst, 41 - that cap; children''s clothes: The Limp Bizkit frontman is still wearing the backwards baseball cap, shorts and skate shoes he was wearing ten years ago. Chosing to stay in a time warp is a legitimate way of looking young. Fact.

  • Bono, 52 - Sunglasses: Bono is rarely pictured without his shades, hiding the telltale signs of ages at all times. Works a treat when it comes to stadium shows, less practical when popping down to Londis.

  • Lil Kim, 38 - surgery: She''s not even that old! But the mess she''s made of her visage is one of biblical proportions.

  • Kenny Rogers, 73 - surgery: The influencial country singer once described himself as ''the bionic man'', and that there wasn''t a part of his body untouched by some form of surgery. He went on to say that he regretted all the work he''s had done, and admitted he''d lost his ''warm eyes''.

  • Will.I.Am, 37 - dresses like a bondage spaceman: Mr Am needs a way of distracting people from the fact that every one of his songs has the same terrible lyrics, and does so by wearing clothes that come from sex shops and christmas crackers.

  • Craig David, 31 - intense fitness routine: "As a musician music is what drives me everyday, but without the mental & physical health none of it would be possible," he claims. Is he still a musician? Apparently so.

  • Dr Dre, 47 - bodybuilding: Did you know Dre and Craig David are gym partners? Nah, only joking, Craig''s way too cool to be hanging out with small fish like the Dr.

  • Billy Idol, 56 - that hair; make-up: It''s all about smoke and mirrors with Billy, as long as his glorious hair is still glowing as bright as it ever did, you''ll be mesmerised, and won''t notice his slightly weathered face.

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