N-Dubz star could have been given three years in prison
Adam Tait

12:55 15th February 2013

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Former N-Dubz rapper, Dappy has escaped time behind bars as he has been handed a suspended sentence for a fight he is said to have started at a petrol station after being snubbed by two girls.

The music star was given a six-month suspended sentence and ordered to pay £4,500 in compensation and £2,000 in costs.

Dappy broke sown in tears and shouted "yes" at Guildford Crown Court as the sentence was delivered after he was found to be guilty of assault and affray at a previous hearing.

He had been facing a maximum sentence of three years in prison.

The incident occured at a petrol station last year when Dappy invited two girls to get into his car.

The girls refused and Dappy allegedly spat at the pair and swore at them, calling them 'sluts' and 'ugly'.

A brawl then ensued when three men stopped to defend the girls, leaving the men with 'sever facial injuries'.

Dappy had previously tried to portray himself as the victim, saying the other men 'had it in for me' and that he 'feared for his life'.

The rapper denied the charges but admitted to being drunk.

Dappy leaving court after being found guilty

There had been some controversy when the defence claimed the girls had tweeted each other and friends about how they were going to send Dappy down, and the singer claimed he was being victimised because he was famous.

Most recently he's asked his fans to leave the two girls alone after they received a bararge of abuse from his devoted followers.

Below: Dappy's most offensive moments: Threats, violence and worse

  • Dappy was today (17 January 2013) found guilty of assault and affray. The rapper was charged with assaulting David Jenkins by beating - which involved spitting at him - and one charge of affray. Several of Jenkins' teeth were broken in the fight.

  • Dappy's entire music video for his song 'Tarzan 2' was a shambles. The video originally had a dedication to 'Free Leo Chindamo', who was jailed for 14 years for the murder of headmaster Philip Lawrence. The song also included the lyrics "I heard Simon Cowell thinks I'm a little w**ker/ And I'm getting on his t*ts like cancer," and "Alexandra pull your socks up/ Where your hits at, you ain't no winner/ I feel bad because your voice is amazing/ But your career's getting raped by a mason." Classy.

  • In 2011, Dappy was accused of child abuse after he said, "If my son is rude or says a swear word, then I put black pepper in his mouth - on the tip of his tongue - and slap his wrist."

  • Also in 2011, Dappy was arrested on suspicion of assaulting Kaye Vassell, the mother of his two children. He was later released without charge.

  • In April 2010, Dappy was caught on CCTV taking Mephedrone, known as "meow meow", after which he said "I'll never do such things again." A day later, he was kicked out of Alton Towers theme park hotel after allegedly smoking cannabis in his hotel room.

  • N-Dubz were involved in an anti-bullying campaign when they went on Radio 1, and a woman texted in complaining that Dappy was "vile" and "a little boy with a silly hat." Dappy stole her number and proceeded to send her a barrage of abusive texts insisting that she apologise - including one saying, "your gonna die," and "u dum f****** ***head." N-Dubz were dropped from the anti-bullying campaign and Dappy never apologised to her.

  • Dappy and bandmate Fazer had to be escorted from a plane after it touched down, as they were acting 'disorderly'. A source said: "They were swearing at kids on the plane, being foul and threatening passengers. Cabin crew called ahead to the police, who were waiting when the plane landed. They were taken away by armed officers." The band later apologised for their 'high spirits'.

  • In 2009, Dappy was accused of making death threats with a gun and was arrested and bailed. He denied the allegations, but police still raided his home in Camden.

  • On a TV documentary, he admitted that he rarely pays for trains and tube service, and gives a fake name and address to the police. During Being N-Dubz, he said, "For the first time we're actually gonna pay and do this properly. The amount of times I used to be on these trains, these stops, dry mouth, no money in my pockets, one penny sweet left. Now look, I got an Oyster. I'm legit."

  • Finally, in December 2008, Dappy apparently spit in a girl's face on a night out - and pleaded guilty to two charges of assault at Chelmsford Magistrates Court, Essex. For each count he received four weeks' imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, to run concurrently and 100 hours community service. He was also ordered to pay £50 compensation to the girl and her friend and £300 costs.

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